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Cost of Reintegration

The United States Department of Defense, for each recruit, spends over $250,000 on some advanced training and up to $1 million on Special Operations training to prepare warriors for their deployment missions.

How much do we spend on training the warrior to come home after battle to live a peaceful and productive life?

The United States Welcome Home Foundation is focused on supplementing the training to reintegrate warriors back into family, community and society after deployment and combat; upon return home.

'Welcome Home.'

Donations are Needed to Sustain the 'activities' of the United States Welcome Home Foundation:

Wellness Support
Outreach and Networking
     "A Retreat to Repair the Relationship Wounded by Combat eployment."
Education and Training
Research and Evaluation


Classified by the IRS as a public charity with (501)(c)(3) tax exempt status under Code section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) on February 29, 2008, effective date July 9, 2007.

EIN: 26-0535077

DLN: 17053007301038

All contributions are Tax Deductible.

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Donations to the US Welcome Home Foundation in support its activities are tax deductible.

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